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Concerning which designer she has plumped for, Kate added: 'I haven't made a final decision yet as to who I'll be wearing. It would be nice to wear British, but it just doesn't always happen that way.It's going to be a case of whatever feels the most comfortable on the day.“Jurassic World,” Colin Trevorrow’s revival of the dino-franchise, hits theaters today, and though reviews are quite divided (with ours on the strongly positive end of the spectrum), it seems likely that it’ll be a box-office Indominus Rex, and its projected to open well over 0 million.Dinosaurs tearing into the box office this weekend is just one of the reasons that sends us back to the summer of 1993.They got engaged but split in 1997 after three years together - but not before getting matching haircuts and cementing their place as one of the most attractive couples of the decade.

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Starring Dern’s mother Diane Ladd as a mad scientist devouring way more scenery than the shoddy dinos she creates (Why, to END HUMANITY, of course, bwahahahaha!Below, you’ll find all 52 of the major releases ranked from worst to best. Wasting Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo only makes it more embarrassing, as does the evident expense.There’s never been a good video game adaptation, but this is ground zero for how bad they can be.Whatever Kate decides to wear on Sunday, she wants to get the balance right and not dress to excess with too much bling.'There's a place for glamour in tough times, but you've got to be tasteful with it,' Kate told me.

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