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“It was a declaration of war.” During and after Kiir’s press conference, forces loyal to the president rounded up and executed hundreds of male Nuers, the ethnic group to which Machar belongs.

Juba (AFP) - South Sudan government forces have launched an offensive towards a rebel stronghold in the north of the country, the UN said Wednesday.

Kiir wore an officer’s patrol cap instead of his trademark black Stetson — a gift from John Kerry to replace the one George W.

Bush had given him in 2006 — and trudged through his remarks with terse diction.

The Republic of South Sudan is a landlocked country of 619,745 km², making it about the size of Texas, or Spain and Portugal combined.

“It was not in the spirit of reconciliation,” Lam Akol, who led the breakaway SPLA faction with Machar in 1991 and later served as Sudan’s foreign minister, told me.If there had been any hope that he could halt his country from sliding into all-out civil war, the embattled president quashed it with a single rhetorical flourish: After implying that his former vice president, Riek Machar, had attempted a coup, Kiir declared ominously that he would “not allow the incidents of 1991 to repeat themselves again.” To the outside world, the reference might have seemed cryptic.But in South Sudan, the message was crystal clear: 1991 was the year Machar broke away from the main southern guerilla movement, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), that was fighting against the Sudanese government in Khartoum. Now, Machar was again estranged from the flock and about to mount a new rebellion from the bush.Tens of thousands have been killed and millions forced from their homes in the years since as a series of peace deals have been abandoned.The latest UN figures say half the population -- roughly six million people -- will need emergency food aid this month.

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