Are anna paquin and stephen moyer still dating

In a March 11 interview with a "Game of Thrones" fan site, actor Kristian Nairn confirmed that he's gay -- even though, as he says, he's never been in the closet.

Well, that woman was Anna Paquin and now she’s speaking out! “Now that I know what u guys were talking about this some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while!!!

Anna Paquin smiles while leaving her New York City hotel with husband Stephen Moyer on Tuesday (May 24).

The 33-year-old actress rocked cat-eye sunglasses with a vibrant red dress while her hubby was casually dressed in a grey sweatshirt and jeans.

Stephen Moyer said most people in the acting profession insist there is nothing pleasurable in shooting sex scenes for the big or small screen, but he admitted that he really enjoyed getting intimate on screen with Anna in the vampire drama.

“You’re not supposed to say that you enjoy doing sex scenes, you’re supposed to say, ”Oh it’s really difficult, you know, with the lighting and the cameramen and the boom operators are all watching,’ but I never had that.

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