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At Highbury Corner there’s a café with a chalkboard that says “Pilates?

The worst thing about gentrification is those cafes with chalkboards that have quirky stuff written on them… I do think women are treated differently in the workplace. But I think “feminism” has become a really horrible word.

surface air temperature, precipitation, SST, sea level, sea level pressure, salinity).

These methods are statistically calibrated using data from periods in which the proxy and instrumental records overlap.

Για το πρώτο του ξεκίνημα στον Πρίνο της Θάσου, για τη μουσική, τον ίδιο, τη Θάσο…

Ζ: Δεν υπάρχουν τέτοιοι χώροι στην Ελλάδα παιδιά, δεν υπάρχουν, είναι μοναδικό πράγμα.

The programme concluded that more and more older people are dating online and are generally savvy at using the internet.The evaluation was performed to determine the potential of these models to be used at a later stage as test beds for the evaluation of climate field reconstruction methods that will use the extremely long-lived bivalve mollusk ).Several validation metrics such as the mean bias, variance, spatial and temporal co-variability and trends of the North Atlantic summer SSTs showed that some of the models can be used to test paleoclimatic reconstructions.However, most models showed shortcomings in simulating the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation.Concerning the co-variability of summer SSTs between proxy sites and the whole North Atlantic SST field, we found that these proxy locations contain a SST signal that might represent a (basin-wide) signal for the north-eastern North Atlantic basin.), rely on statistical methods that link proxy records and local climatic variables (e.g.

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