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Hello, I can not get my volume control icon back into my toolbars at the bottom.When I go through the steps in the control panel I hit a snag when it comes to checking the box for "place volume icon in the task bar"; when I try to do that I get the message, "...volume control program has not been installed." But I don't know how to add it. Under Sound, video and game controllers you will find an unidentified device. If the correct driver is not found go to the website of your computer's manufacturer and find the correct drivers there.I use alsa, and I don't have a volume control applet on my Gnome Panel.When I right click and select "add to panel", there is nothing that has to do with "sound", "audio" or "volume" in the list, and the "Indicator Applet" or "Indicator Applet Session" things have no volume controls, or properties that would let you enable any sort of volume control.To get a good picture of how the windows icons are displayed, we will begin by getting details of the taskbar and how it functions.

A common complaint (probably because it is used more often) is the disappearance of the sound icon that lets you access and make changes to your computer’s sound settings.

I've been using Linux since Redhat 5, it's beyond me why these sorts of problems are still around.

Someone should just put a damn "Volume Control" element in the list of things to add to the panel, even if it doesn't work, perhaps showing an error message.

How can I get a volume control in Ubuntu, so I don't have to run aumix in a terminal or something? But does anyone know why the new, fancy "Indicator Applet" volume control doesn't appear?

The Gnome Volume Control Applet isn't as nicely featured, although it actually works.

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