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On the left-hand side of the page you'll also find a bunch of neighborhood filters that are extremely handy when you're looking for nightclubs in a certain part of the city.

Simply click on the neighborhood where you'd like to party, and the site will automatically update itself.

If there is one thing Torontonians are famous for it's bragging about their nightlife, especially when they're in Vancouver. After all, it's not like the Maple Leafs give you much to brag about.

Plus, we have to admit that nightlife in Toronto is outstanding; the entire city is literally scattered with great venues.

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If you prefer, you can also sort the list alphabetically.

The cost of the call is 3.29 Canadian dollars per minute and charges will appear as TELEPASS on your next telephone bill.

Please remember that this service is for adults 18 only and is for entertainment purposes only. Toronto ON is Canada's largest city with 2,6 million habitants while the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) counts over 5,5 million people.

Canadian hockey parents will tell you that they do not hang over the glass, bark at their kids and harangue the coach, but there are enough whispered stories to dispense with any illusion that minor hockey is as wholesome as it is portrayed in those nostalgic coffee commercials.

There is coffee at the rinks, but it is watered down and tastes terrible.

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