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She is just a little girl who is attracting a lot of attention and unfortunately some of this attention is coming from strange people with huge personal problems, keen to throw dirt at anyone.'Married to Kristina's 34 year old father, retired Russian football star, Ruslan Pimenov, she is anxious to be seen as a responsible mother and to show that her daughter is a perfectly normal girl who happens to be stunningly beautiful with long honey blonde hair, piercing azure eyes and angelic facial features.

Her portfolio from a remarkable six year 'career' is simply astonishing, including Vogue and Armani, yet critics see a dark side with one commentator branding a photo of her in shorts as 'creepy' while a male user wrote worryingly: 'I like it'.

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Today her mother Glikeriya Pimenova, who runs the social media accounts and posted the pictures, hit back in an exclusive interview with Mail Online, saying: 'I do not accept those accusations about sexualisation of my child.'I am certain in my mind all her photographs are absolutely innocent.

I have never asked her to take this or that pose, and in fact I must say she does not especially like it when I am photographing her, so I do it quickly and when she doesn't notice.' Kristina, whose astonishing career has seen her starring in adverts for Armani, Roberto Cavalli and Benetton, became the subject of disturbing comments when this picture of her in an 'adult' pose on bed attracted comments such as 'sexy legs' online Sipping fruit tea and clearly stung by the accusations, Glikeriya insists 'All her 'poses' are natural.

It’s just too hard not to turn one’s head and take a peek at those amazing breasts of hers… This is all you need for an exquisite meal – her soft, tender, enormous breasts. She has dark hair, black eyes and incredible round ass. Natasha is a dazzling latin beauty, one of the sexiest, most enticing ladies you are ever likely to meet.

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The emirate of Dubai is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is one of the seven emirates that make up the country.

United Arab Emirates government usually sooner or later will block all adult, pornographic and escort related websites, so you probably will not be able to use these kind of websites in a normal way when visiting UAE.

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