Amatrice consolidating fafsa loans

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“Politicians don’t do anything for nothing, but this was a good gesture of solidarity,” said a woman who had come to the edge of the Zona Rosa to catch a glimpse of the Canadian leader. We will do everything possible to stay.” Amatrice’s mayor, Sergio Pirozzi, hugged Trudeau tightly when they met and then led him through the rubble where the town once stood.

The visit was important because it showed that “Amatrice does not exist any more,” said 46-year-old Laura Rocchi, who lost her uncle in the quake and whose daughter was deeply traumatized by what she called “a terrible, tragic moment” that made her town look like “a war zone in Afghanistan.” Fighting back tears, Rocchi, whose family has lived in Amatrice for generations, recalled reaching her daughter by telephone from Rome moments after the quake and hearing nothing but screams. The mayor, who was introduced to the prime minister two months ago at an earthquake fundraiser, said he hoped that money from Canada will be used to rebuild the town’s ancient clock tower.

Pirozzi linked Ottawa’s humanitarian contribution to the fact that parts of Canada had been built by Italian immigrants.

I noted the passage of the various seismic phases, which travel at different speeds from the source.

The rumbling P-waves were followed immediately by the stronger and more complex S-waves.

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