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Bob and his wife, Melissa, concluded that building and strengthening their kids’ character will require extreme measures.They sent their 14-year-old daughter to work on a cattle ranch so that she could experience the “unrelenting encounter with daily necessity.” Their directive was to make us proud by working hard, ask for coaching and never let your overseers hear you complain.But the shirts are just fine at Neot Tamar, a new school aimed at youth-at-risk in Israel’s ultra-Orthodox sector.“Before, I used to not want to go to school,” said one girl, 15, who started here a few days earlier, after dropping out of her ultra-Orthodox school. They are warm and caring here, and it’s very chill and relaxed.” As the summer months slip through our fingertips, recent high school graduates are busy preparing for the next stage of their lives.The newest parenting handbook is a guide for those who are determined not to raise weak, entitled kids, ill-prepared to inherit the earth.Author Senator Ben Sasse sees a coming of age crisis and wants to remedy the way our children spend their childhood.Inside a stone house in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Romema neighborhood, eight teenage girls were taking a break from their studies to eat lunch.

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Sasse says that teens today are smart, resume driven and talented but anxious, timid and lost.Aish-Intermediate offers the most organized, dynamic and thorough foundation building program available anywhere in the Jewish world. " Discovery is known worldwide for its presentation of "Bible Codes." Over 100,000 people on five continents have "done Discovery." Jewel is a 3 1/2 week introductory program, where university and professional women from all backgrounds build a foundation in Self Development, Prayer, Bible, Hebrew, Mysticism, Philosophy, Holidays and more.Jewel offers an easygoing environment to fully explore your Jewish heritage with top lecturers from around the world.The Vanishing American Adult beckons us to question the coddled kids who lack resilience to face life’s challenges.Sasse began to notice that all around him, including his own home, were children who could not stretch the moment things felt too difficult.

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